The UCN project has the overall high-level objective to develop and use the PIH platform and architecture to install the user as the owner and controller of his/her personal data, allowing personalization and immersion while preserving a user’s privacy.

This can be broken down into the following practical objectives:

  • O1: To develop a framework (personal information hub) for storing and managing personal and contextual user data under the sole control of the user.
  • O2: To develop a set of data collectors that securely collect a wide variety of rich contextual data and store them in the personal information hub.
  • O3: To design mechanisms for mining data in the personal information hub to profile users and using these to provide context-aware content recommendations and personalized media services.
  • O4: To analyse privacy threats and design mechanisms that provide flexible privacy guarantees for data collection, content recommendations, and service personalization.
  • O5: To develop a more principled understanding of how users interact and perceive the personalized media services in terms of their underpinning user data collection and delivery networks.
  • O6: To define connected and social media use cases that will drive the integration of the developed system components into a set of proof-of-concept prototypes, and then evaluate the final platform from both a technological and user perspective.
  • O7: To promote and support innovation in the digital media sector, and especially to extend it towards cross-sector service innovation by leveraging the potential and openness of the developed personal information hub.