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Workshop on Privacy and User–Centric Controls – Report


For those not overly familiar with W3C activities – a workshop is usually an early event in W3C activities. If a topic seems to gather a reasonable amount of interest, a workshop is held and interested groups (whether W3C members …

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EINS/HAT workshop on IoT Business Cases

Under the auspices of the European Network of Excellence in Internet Science we’re putting together this seminar/one-day workshop to be in Cambridge (in the Computer Lab) on Friday Sep 26th, 2014, in LT2. If you wish to attend, please …

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MirageOS, an enabler for the PIH, is presented at OSCON 2014

MirageOS was presented at the Open Source Conference (OSCON, July 20–24, 2014 Portland, OR). Richard Mortier (University of Nottingham) and Anil Madhavapeddy (University of Cambridge) presented the components that will help enable the PIH.
More information at

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