Expected Impact

UCN will deliver solutions that contribute to the well-being of the European citizens through ubiquitous access to content. UCN technologies and solutions for privacy preserving data collection and exchange protect the privacy of the users and households and at the same time reduce the risk of leakage of end users’ highly sensitive personal information.
More specifically, UCN will impact the following areas:

  • Design a personalized digital media delivery and content discovery platform that inherently preserves privacy.
  • Development of privacy preserving data exchange technologies enabling the protected use of highly sensitive profile data from end users.
  • Development of novel and innovative content recommendation mechanisms using rich end user profiles.
  • Aggregating and bridging the wide variety of technologies underlying the end-user’s services and digital content in the home network and the Internet.
  • New services and applications in other sectors that similarly can benefit from leverage richer user contextual information, such as home automation, tele-health/care, and security.

UCN will help to rebuild the trust in the use of personal information by the network service providers. The monitoring tools and the ability to control the amount of private data exposed to 3rd parties, will put the end user back into control of its publicly available profile data.