The table below lists all available artefacts (websites, tools, source code, data) produced by the UCN consortium:

Type Description Link
Hostview Website + binary download Hostview end-host performance and QoE monitoring and data collection tool for Windows. (draft version)
UCN Study Website UCN user study information web site including detailed participating information, consent forms and user registration. In addition, contains a user data visualization tools (requires login)./td>
UCN Study Source code UCN user study data collection tools and backend source code. with the following sub-directories:

  • ucn-react (visualization using react)
  • ucnserver (admin site + VPN backend)
  • android_monitor (context/activity logger for android)
  • datauploadserver (receive data and store on MongoDB)
  • ucnviz (HTML5 visualization of traces)
mSpeed Website + iTunes download Cellular speed measurement tool
HoA Source code Online implementation of HoA bottleneck detection as a module for collectd. OpenWRT package build files:
CueKeeper Source code CueKeeper is a GTD-based action tracker that runs entirely client-side in the browser that uses Irmin to handle history and merges, with state saved in the browser using the new IndexedDB standard
PIH Bridge Source code A network bridge infrastructure that provides dynamic connectivity management service between the Internet and unikernels (and VMs) on PIH
Mini-OS/ARM Source code Unofficial mirror of
PIH Data store Source code Data store unikernels that run on PIH to provide secure data storage and access service for specific data types
Irmin Source code Irmin is a distributed database that follows the same design principles as Git
MirageOS Source code MirageOS is a library operating system that constructs unikernels
Xen ARM Builder Source code Build an SDcard image for Xen/ARM, for a Cubieboard
SmartTV Project Website Frontpage for the SmartTV data collection and recommendations study, developed in PTIn/Altice Labs.
SmartTV API API API to access all collected data (permissions needed).
SmartTV Recommender API API API to access the recommendations engine results (permissions needed).
SmartSense API API API to access user data collected and recommendations (permissions needed).