Public deliverables

Here you will find the public deliverables of the UCN project. You can download the file in PDF format by clicking on the names.

Name Date
7.5 Final Report (PDF) Nov-2016
6.5 Collection of Project Dissemination and Standardisation Contributions (PDF) Oct-2016
5.4 UCN Demonstrators (PDF) Sept-2016
5.3 Description of Final UCN System Architecture and Proof-of-Concept Demonstrators (PDF) Sept-2016
3.4 Report on Personalised Services Optimisations (PDF) Jun-2016
3.3 Report on Context Aware Recommendations (PDF) Jun-2016
2.3 Final Report on Data Collection (PDF) Jun-2016
1.3 Final PIH Architecture (PDF) Jun-2016
4.3 D4.3 – Complete design and evaluation of privacy preserving primitives (PDF) Mar-2016
6.3 Updated Project Presentation and Promotional Material(PDF) Oct-2015
3.2 Report on User Profiling (PDF) Oct-2015
5.2 Preliminary System Architecture Description (PDF) Sept-2015
6.2 Report on Project Dissemination and Standardisation Contributions (PDF) Apr-2015
1.2 Preliminary PIH Architecture (PDF) Mar-2015
4.2 Specification and preliminary design of privacy preserving mechanisms for data management (PDF) Mar-2015
2.2 Report on Data Collection Methodologies (PDF) Mar-2015
4.1 Requirements, Ethics and Security Models for Privacy Preserving Data Management (PDF) Sept-2014
3.1 Preliminary Report on User Profiling (PDF) Sept-2014
1.1 PIH Requirements Document (PDF) Jun-2014
2.1 Specification of User Context Metrics (PDF) Jun-2014
Preliminary UCN Use Cases and Applications (PDF)
Preliminary UCN Use Cases and Applications – Supplement (PDF)
6.1 Project Presentation and Website (PDF) Jan-2014