Work Plan

The UCN project is organized in seven work packages. The technical approach of the project consists of first four WPs for research and development of individual technologies and then one WP for system integration, proof-of-concept prototyping and demonstration.

  • WP1: will design core of the PIH with personal containers store and manage personal information under the sole control of end-users.
  • WP2: focuses on the data collection methodologies and mechanisms to obtain rich user data and on the construction of data collectors that add semantics to the raw data and store this data into the PIH.
  • WP3: leverages the rich user data with semantic information stored in the PIH to design and construct user profiles, develop mechanisms for context-aware recommendations, and a set of mechanisms for content delivery optimizations and service personalization.
  • WP4: focuses on developing security and privacy mechanisms that ensures that data is collected in a secure and privacy-preserving manner, data is securely stored, and that access to this data can only occur under privacy-preserving guarantees.
  • WP5: will integrate, test and validate the results from the other work packages. It will design a set of use cases that will best illustrate the potential of the resulting system. It will define an overall system architecture including the functional modules and their interactions. These modules (developed in other WPs) will then be integrated into an overall UCN framework. Finally, on top of this framework, we will build proof-of-concept prototypes to showcase these use cases.
  • WP6 : Dissemination, Standardization and Exploitation are organized as transversal activities that guarantee the objectives of the project and achievements are properly disseminated and spread to the relevant parties.
  • WP7 : Project management to guarantee that the objectives of the project are fulfilled