UCN appeared as part of panel on Future Internet at INFOCOM’15

Thanks to support from the UCN project and from Huawei, Richard Mortier (Cambridge University Computer Lab) presented User-Centric Networking at INFOCOM’15.

Along with professors from UCLA, MIT, City University Hong Kong, Osaka, and researchers from Huawei, he proposed UCN as an important future direction for Internet research, building on past work on Home Networking. Several questions followed from a very engaged audience of around 150 people, on topics ranging from what the most difficult challenges would be to whether or not we fundamentally need a new architecture for the Internet– Richard’s answer “No, we don’t” both got widespread agreement and the biggest laugh! Based on discussions after it seems that many people were indeed convinced that User Centric Networking — designing and building infrastructure with users explicitly in mind — should indeed be an important focus for future Internet research.

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